Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CS 1005

Did you know Johnny Mathis did a cover of The Beatles' "Something"?  Me either.  This is from my parents' record collection.  I don't think this is his best work, but Johnny did have a heck of a voice.  And he's a handsome devil.

Good advice from your friends at Columbia Records:

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Runner 10154

It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.  - Jimmy Dugan

Let's get this on record:  I am not a runner.

That said, I suppose it's time to officially let this cat out of its bag.  This morning I completed my last Marathon Training Run. I am registered for and am planning to attempt the Twin Cities Marathon this Sunday, October 6.

I don't plan to be fast.  I don't plan to look like I'm having fun, and in truth I'm not really even planning to have fun doing it.  And I'm not even 100% sure I'll finish.  But that's my goal:  Finish the event within the 6 hour time limit.  No style points will be awarded.

I've been very closed mouthed about these plans for the last several months because truthfully I never thought I would get to this point.  And I figured if at first you don't succeed, hide any evidence that you tried.  There's been setbacks along the way, but they have been mostly overcome.  I'm still dealing with a foot issue that my non-medically confirmed diagnosis is extensor tendonitis.  It just flared up after my last long run.  After taking a week off, it's been manageable enough on my last few short runs to make me think I can make it through.  And if not, I'll be a DNF.  Which is always better than a DNS.

If you are the curious type who can't look away from an auto accident, there are a couple of ways you can follow my progress on Sunday.
Avtex Athlete Tracker will send you a text message at certain points in the race.  I'm not sure when.
Mtrack is a nice online near real time tracker that will show you where I am on a map of the course.

And if you're the type who will actually be out on the course spectating, I plan to wear my brightest yellow shirt.  High fives appreciated.