Monday, May 19, 2014

1/4 and 2/3

On stage, Peter Frampton uses a synthesized voice to create the illusion that his guitar "talks" while playing. 
Jimbo: Man, that guy's guitar is talking. 
Otto: Hey, my shoes are talking too! 
Left Shoe: Don't worry. We won't hurt you.
Right Shoe: We only want to have some fun. -- "Homerpalooza"

My friend Joel ended up with two copies of Frampton Comes Alive and very thoughtfully offered one copy to me.  I pulled it out of the sleeve tonight to give it a spin on the old Astrosonic.  The first record I grabbed was sides 2 and sides 3.  The other was side 1 and side 4.  Those of you in an older generation may know where this is headed, but I will clue in the younger readers.

Why in the world would one disc not be side 1/2, and the other be sides 3/4?  It all comes down to stackable multi-disc record players.  Which the Astrosonic happens to be.  So, what you do is put the first disc on the stack, Side 1 up.  Follow that with disc 2, Side 2.  See where this is headed?  Side 1 will drop, play, and then the autochanger function will drop Side 2.  Once this is complete flip both discs over and you are automatically set up for Side 3 and Side 4, respectively. A full double album played with only one flip needed.  Genius!