Sunday, March 09, 2014

Cave in

When we bought our house nearly 10 years ago, the shed that came with the house was in poor repair.  It is one of those cheap metal ones.  The doors didn't open properly, and it is quite rusty.  But, it has done its job for us for 10 years, even though all of its shortcomings have become more pronounced over our 10 years of ownership.  We have discussed replacing it, but it seems like there is always some project more interesting or more pressing.

This winter of hell has finally killed the shed. I was driving home one evening and noticed something looked off. On closer inspection, the roof collapsed. I spent a beautiful March afternoon pulling as much snow from the collapsed roof as I could, and cleaned off the mower and other shed-dwellers before tying a tarp over the whole mess. I'm hoping the tarp will get us through the last of winter before we can formally begin a whole scale replacement.  Good times.

The poor mower, buried.  You can't see in this photo, but there are strings of duct tape hanging down that presumably were used to seal old leaks in the roof.

A view of what remains of the roof.