Monday, April 23, 2007

Lake Pepin ride report

There actually wasn't a lot of suffering on the Lake Pepin loop this Sunday. At least on my part. Byron, the guy who had ridden a total of 15 miles this year before the ride did a little suffering, but somebody's got to. Thanks for taking one for the team, Byron. We rolled out in crack military road trip formation for the caravan down to Red Wing. Big props to Rob for giving me a ride down and back. Not only saving gas but maybe lives. I might have dozed off if I'd been driving solo on the way home.

I found out I'm a lousy bicycle photojournalist. I took a grand total of 11 photos on a ride that lasted nearly 6 hours and had about that number of rest stops. Most of the rest stops involved food. That's a ride I can get behind.

I learned a couple of things on this ride. One, my rear tire needs truing. Two, industrial sized staples can go all the way through a 25mm tire and come out the other side. And you can ride that way for about a mile and a half before the tube blows. I also learned I can change a tire on the side of the road while logey from a big cro-bag sammy and being heckled. And I even learned a skill, booting a tire with a $1 bill. If I was a wealthy bike shop owner I would have used a $20. Rumor has it there's carbon fiber woven into the twenties these days.

Even though the forecast was sketchy we only got rained on the last 10 miles or so. I even managed to get a little sunburn on my nose and forearms. Just enough to remind me to pack sunscreen for the Ironman, no matter what the forecast.

Today, I was tired but not overly so. And I was kind of sore, but again not overly so. I think I could have gone the additional 30 miles yesterday to make a full century. But at the same time I'm glad we only did 70.

Thanks for a great ride, gentlemen.

Date: April 22
Mileage: 70
Ride type/Bike: Lake Pepin loop/Jamis
April mileage: 244
Year to date mileage: 1153


Doug said...

Thanks for the report. It looks and sounds like a great time. I need to get down that way and do the Lake Pepin circle route sometime. I'll keep one eye out for you at the Ironman Sunday. It would make it easier to spot you if you wear the flowered Rayon shirt.

Smudgemo said...

Ride to eat, eat to ride, baby!

KM said...

At least you didn't leave the camera in the car like I did. Thanks for the pix.


rigtenzin said...

I like your ride report. I still haven't uploaded my photos, which I believe will be underwhelming.

Apertome said...

Nice report ... the photos aren't bad, but a few more would be nice. It sounds like a great ride, with some very pleasant breaks.

There's a conspicuous lack of cycling clothing in those photos, any tips on non-painted-on clothes that work well? I like the functionality of the cycling clothing, but I feel like a complete tool wearing it.

Pete said...

I'd say the biggest tip from this ride, regarding non-cycling clothing, is to make sure your shirt is long enough to cover your stripey boxers when they ride up in the back.

verlaine said...

All I remember from doing that ride with them last year is that huge hill (Bay City?) that is an optical illusion. It starts out looking a block long and gradual and by the end of it you're two miles into it and feel like you're climbing a wall. I did it on a heavy Surly Long Haul Trucker and that bike felt like it weighed 500 pounds by the end of that hill.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in another ride around Pepin, the original Tour de Pepin celebrates it's 20th year on Saturday, August 2. The plan is to meet at 9:00 AM or so at the train station in Red Wing, behind the St James Hotel. If interested, email me at or call me at 507-269-4806, and I will send you a flier about the ride. We usually have about 15-20 riders, ranging in age from early 20's to late 60's. The ride is informal, and not supported.