Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Upcoming Bike Events

Courtesy of the City of Minneapolis, here are some upcoming bike events and a chance to give your opinion on bike maps. Enjoy!

1) The City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program needs your input. The preliminary design process for a print version of the Minneapolis bicycle map is now underway. If you would like to provide feedback related to what this map will look like, please look at the current online Minneapolis bike map. You may also choose to look at bike maps from other cities (for ideas):

Chicago (click anywhere on the generic Chicago map to see their bike map)
New York City
Portland, OR
San Francisco

Then, send your feedback via e-mail to Shaun Murphy at shaun.murphy@ci.minneapolis.mn.us. Specifically, answer the following question: What elements would you like to see included in a Minneapolis bicycle map?

2) The Bell Museum is holding its 3rd Annual Bike-In at the Bell on Saturday, June 16th. Activities will include a bicycle scavenger hunt, a bike fashion show, a bike art parade, workshops, and bike tours, among other things. All ages (including children) are welcome. The City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program will staff a booth at the event.

3) Bicycling Magazine is giving away 50 bikes in 6 cities this summer, through its BikeTown program. Minneapolis is one of those 6 cities. If you or someone you know needs a bike, write a 50-word essay about how a new bike would change your (or another person’s) life. Bicycling Magazine is short on essays from Minneapolis, so be sure to spread the word.

Date: June 5
Mileage: 30
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Sailing/Premis
June mileage: 30
Year to date mileage: 1652

1 comment:

Smudgemo said...

I really like BikeTown stories and how people rediscover bikes. And since we know you can't have too many bikes, let me try my hand at getting you a free bike.

Dear Bicycling Magazine,

Please send my friend VelociPete in MN a free life-changing bicycle. All he has to get around on is an aging green Schwinn that has two wheels, but only one cracked tire (photo attached.) Needless to say his efficiency is probably compromised with this setup. I promise he'll ride it everywhere, even during winter.