Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall has fallen

Riding to and from work today was like a slap upside the head from Old Man Winter. "I'm coming for you, boy." It was as if all the trees had made a suicide pact and decided to start dropping their leaves all at the same time. Sunday, it was beautiful and 70 degrees. This morning when I left home it was still almost 70. I was too warm in a short sleeve shirt and shpants. On the way home I was pulling on my long sleeved shirt, vest and gloves. Slap. Supposed to get down to the mid-30s tonight. Fortunately I have parent/teacher conferences to attend at the elementary Tuesday night and have an excuse not to brave these kind of temps just yet.

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rigtenzin said...

Monday was fun. I rode to work in 70 degree weather and it started sprinkling as I arrived.

The temps dropped throughout the day and I ended up wearing my long-sleeved work shirt home to stay warm.