Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life'll kill ya

Let's see, where were we last time I wrote to the internet? Oh yes, I'd hurt my knee. Blah blah, still riding, brakes are out on the car, daughter made me a lovely card. OK, so we're caught up on that.

The new update is it's now two weeks later, and I've been to the doctor because the knee wasn't getting better. He diagnosed me with bursitis. Which I've always thought of as something that happens to old people, like lumbago. And bunions. But, since I'm not old this clearly isn't the case. I've been taking it easy, driving to the bus station like an ordinary joe and popping Aleve. It's getting better, but the doc said it will probably take a good month to be back to normal. Great. My 5k event is this Friday, and since my knee still gets sore walking from my cube to the bathroom there's still no way I'm participating.

But my woes all pale compared to the daughter. Yesterday I get a call from my wife saying Morgan slammed her finger in the car door and they're heading to the ER. I met them there in time to see the x-rays get taken and find out that she broke her pinkey finger. Plus, while she was panicked and trying to pull her finger out of the car door (yes, it was stuck) she managed to cut herself deep enough to require two stitches. So we've got her on antibiotics and codine and her hand is splinted up to her elbow. Pretty awful experience all around. The only bright point was going to dinner with my folks (who were at the hospital as well) after it was all over and having two huge slices of pizza at Cossettas.

And to top it off, I'm listening to iTunes on shuffle and I have a duet of Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin singing a medley of "Light My Fire" by The Doors and "Oye Como Va" by Santana. God help me, but I have no idea how that got there.

Not to end things on a down note (or a completely bizarre note, as in the Julio/Ricky thing), I did manage to get the brakes fixed on the car this past weekend. So I got that going for me, which is nice.


Anonymous said...

Epic post. I feel your pain for the weird things showing up out of nowhere on the random play. No, I mean I really feel it - that singer/song mashup hurts, bad.

Here's hoping both your knee and the daughter's pinky are both on the mend soon - and let me know if I can help!!

Tex69 said...

Much sympathy and compassion going out to your daughter, poor thing. As for you, I don't know if the bursitis or the "Light my Fire" medley is worse.

The Old Bag said...

Much sadness for both you and your'll get over the knee easily enough, but the iPod disaster is gunna hurt for a loooong time, I'm afraid.

bother yam said...


Bujiatang said...

I closed my left big toe in the car door once so we wouldn't have to leave my Grandparent's cabin. Worst plan ever.

I hope her finger heals nicely.