Thursday, June 25, 2009

Biker beers

Every so often, Bicycling Magazine sends me an email.  And every so often, I actually read it.  Their most recent email had a subject line that pretty much ensured I would: 
I thought perhaps it would be beers with lots of B12 or some other chemical that will aid cyclists in recovery, or some such nonsense.  But it was just a straightforward slideshow of 12 different beers that were either inspired by cycling or were named for cycling.  I hadn't heard of many of these beers, so I may need to go search them out.  You should too.

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Matt said...

I like the Singletrack. I've tried a few of the rest, but they're all making my mouth water just a little bit! A coworker of mine has long touted Dale's Pale Ale, so it was interesting to see Gordon's from the same Brewery on there.