Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Every picture tells a story, don't it

I managed to talk my clinic into giving me copies of my x-rays on disc yesterday. Something like this "normally takes two to three days" I was told, but they grudgingly did it. In the first picture I outlined the broken piece of bone in red, and circled the area in yellow. In subsequent pics, the area is outlined in yellow only. So here's a picture of the original x-ray, taken back on July 2, about 10 days after my fall (click to embiggen).

And the same picture without the red, so the gap is more visible. This is the x-ray that the radiologist said was not a fracture.

Then we have the x-ray from two weeks later, on July 21. Pretty much the same from this angle.

This one shows a strange bump than neither my doc or I remarked on.

At this point I was put in a cast, because both doc and radiologist agreed it was a non-displaced fracture. After 4 weeks in the case, I had a third set of x-rays taken, on 8/19. Now I'm no doctor or radiologist, but it doesn't look like anything has changed. This is the shot that made my doctor say, "That looks like a non-union." and refer me to the hand guy.

I was showing these pictures to my daughters tonight, and Morgan said, "Dad, that's a pretty small piece of bone that's broken off. Do you need that?" And I thought, probably not. I'm sure the hand guy will totally agree.


The Old Bag said...

You know, life is full of small irritants that we'd be better of shedding. I'm SURE this is one!

What a great statement! Kids have such a great perspective on the world.

Good luck with solutions -- I wish you patience!

Yon Saucy Wench said...


midway cyclist said...

"non-union" doesn't sounds good. From the x-ray, it seems like they could just yank that little chip out and be done with it. I've got a nice, sharp pocket knife and a fresh bottle of gin...

Pete said...

If we hadn't already met our deductible this year, I would take you up on the pocket knife and bottle of gin offer.

And what's wrong with embiggen? It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Snakebite said...

@Wench - please do not give him another "Word a Day" calendar for x-mas this year.