Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Getting better all the time

The kids were away at Spanish Camp last week. When they returned, one brought home a virus and the other brought home tales of a crush on a young lad named Ethan. I wasn't super excited about either, but now that I've caught the bug and feel like crap, I can for certain say that's the greater of the two evils.

Saw the hand guy last week, surgery is not in my immediate future. I have a follow up for 30 days out, but he was optimistic about the signs of healing noted in my CT scan and newest x-ray. He did note that the break was all the way across the bone, not just the little chip I'd initially highlighted. I'm too lazy to go back and retouch the x-rays I posted earlier. You'll have to use your imagination.

I'll leave you with this gem:


Snak Shak said...

That was awesome. I'd like to see the Cyclogists do their thing at some beery One on One"cycle culture" ride sometime. Glad to hear your hand might be getting better, too.

Matthew said...

I need to make a seatpost like that (and then learn how to play it).