Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got Lucky

Me on the Broadway bridge, Mississippi in the background.

Wife and I ran the Get Lucky 7k event yesterday. Or more accurately, we participated. She's had a rough 6 weeks or so with illness and whatnot. And me, I'm just slow. It was nice for me to have her hobbled, since that meant I could keep up with her. Though she did manage to beat me in the official timed results by one second. It was a nice event, well planned and an enjoyable route. We started at Mill Ruins park, ran on the River Road to the Broadway St. bridge and then came back on the other side of the river via St. Anthony Main to finish on the Stone Arch Bridge. I was extremely tempted to stop at the Astor Cafe for an egg and cheese sandwich, but pressed on.

After the race we made our way over to the new Kieran's location in Block E and braved the crowds for our free pint of Finnegan's. The Block E location was nice, and we actually enjoyed 3 Finnegan's between us, thanks to a non-beer drinking runner who gave us her free beer coupon. Then, thanks to the wife's ingenuity, we discovered there was an unadvertised buffet in the back room. After scarfing some more yummy carbs we hopped the train back home.

I spent the remainder of the day horizontal on the the couch in front of Final 5 hockey. It was an enjoyable day, even though The Sioux goons took the Broadmoor.


brother yam said...

Two things:

I met the future Mrs. Yam at Kieran's and those Sioux goons are my alma mater.

Go Sioux!

rigtenzin said...

I was in that area yesterday. The falls are amazing.