Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pub Crawl

Minnesota Craft Beer Week kicks off next year. I've been getting most of my updates from but I haven't seen much about this pub crawl coming through. I did see the notice on the organizer's blog. The important details are:

The ride is on May 21st and starts at 10 am at Cafe 28 where Surly’s own Todd Haug will have a special beer for us while his wife, who owns the place, will have breakfast. From there we will travel to Busters on 28 then up to the Nomad World Pub on the West Bank, from there we will go north across the Stone Arch Bridge and on to Pracna on Main where lunch will be had and finally the last stop will Stanley’s where the fine folks there have sectioned off their parking lot and made it a bike corral for us and all the bikers in town who will be enjoying the Schell’s beer tent and Art-A-Whirl which is happening the same day.

They were going to test ride the route this weekend, so there could be changes as a result. I don't know that I'll be allowed to go to this event, as I have myriad bathroom duties to perform, but it looks like fun.

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