Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bike bag

I've been very remiss in posting about this beauty of a bike bag that Bill made for me. Though the entire project was comically slow, so this is fitting. Bill and I got together in February of 2010 for a beer and to discuss bike bags. He offered to make one, and I gave him some basic requirements and desires. A few months later he sent some pictures of the finished product, which looked great. But somehow we never got together to make the handoff. Bill came over to my place in February 2011 for a brew day, and dropped off the bag.

I didn't put it on my commuter bike, because I have a large box on the rear rack and the box interfered with the bag. So I put it on my "racing" bike. It took almost two months before I took that bike for a ride with the bag on it, sometime in mid April. So again, it's kind of fitting that I wouldn't actually post until mid June.

The bag seems to work great, and looks pretty fantastic on the bike. I'm looking at maybe rearranging my box set up so I can use this on a more regular basis. Thanks for the bag, Bill, it's awesome!

Side view of the bag.

Perfect mounting points for my 3 Speed Tour bag tags. The straps are wide enough that the tags slide on easily, but don't fall off easily. Almost like they were made for the bag.

Looks nice with the Brooks.

Rear view.

Nice view of the longflap-style flap with the interior elastic still cinched.

The interior. It has my tool kit and a spare tube, with plenty of space for a lunch and other stuff.


wjcstp said...

Glad you like it - i hadn't realized it took a year from our first meeting!

Kathy Garolsky said...

Interesting post.I'll be coming back to see more of your post.Thanks