Friday, July 26, 2013

Bearded Lady

My two wheeled adventure took me to NE Mpls this weekend for The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show.  I rode there with the Heck's Angels Scooter Club.  Watching people's reaction on the parkway when 30+ scooters go rolling by is nothing short of amusing.  First, they look confused.  Then, you usually get a big smile and a wave.  We even got a horn honk from a dude in a huge dump truck towing a flatbed trailer with an earthmover on it.

This poorly composed shot shows my Elite (the blue one in the center) lined up with all the other scoots.  We got a rousing welcome from the BLMFS crowd as we rolled in.  

We saw loads of bikes.

There were a few cool cars lurking about.  Somebody said there was a wagon somewhere, but I missed it.

And some scooters that came on their own.
I have a soft spot for these old Honda Trails.  This one was amazingly clean.  Could have rolled out of the dealer's door yesterday.

This Elite 250 (with the super rare crash bars) made me regret not calling on a similar scoot that was for sale on Craigslist last week.

This guy, from, was tearing it up.  His percussion kit was built around a 5 gallon homer bucket from Home Depot.
This might have been the most unique of the show.  Basically, an adult sized big wheel that is electric powered.

And when I was looking at this cool bike with the sidecar, I saw the bearded lady herself along with her escort.

About a 60 mile day on the scoot, and loads of fun.

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