Monday, August 22, 2005

Ride, interrupted

It's been a quiet week in, oh wait, nevermind.

But honestly, it has been a quiet week for me. I last rode to work on Tuesday, forgetting that I was going to my folk's house for dinner afterward. So I hitched a ride there with the wife and kids and left my bike in the underground parking garage. Wednesday was sailing class so no biking then. I brought my bike stuff on Thursday but for some reason I don't recall I didn't ride home. I had a vacation day on Friday, out of town wedding, visit to friends and drywalling over the weekend. So the end result is that it's Monday and my bike's still in the basement, unridden.

I did manage to get some tinkering in on the Miyata over the weekend. I got a new shifting mechanism on eBay and installed that last night. I managed to completely mangle the old foam handlebar grip, which needed to be replaced anyway. It was patched up with black electrical tape when I bought it, so every time I ride the bike it leaves a sticky residue on my hands. I didn't care for this, which is why I didn't spend a lot of time being careful with the grip. I ran out of time, so I didn't get the shifter adjusted properly, but it's hooked up. I also managed to mangle the brake cable, so I'm going to be buying another of those too. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

Oh, and the Pioneer Press printed my letter to the editor on Sunday!


Jon said...

Nice letter, Pete.

What kinda Miyata are we talking here?

Pete said...

It's an older mountain bike, I'm not sure of the model. I bought it used and didn't get a lot of info about it. It's a 21 speed with a chromoly frame and it's obnoxiously green. I'm going to have to get a bike gallery going here.