Tuesday, September 20, 2005

She blinded me, with Science!

A research team at the U of M is seeking individuals who commute by bicycle at least three times per week. Bicycle commuters are needed for a research project regarding the behavior of bicyclists in the South Minneapolis area. Participants will receive $100 after they have completed the study. Your commute route must begin south of Franklin Street and end anywhere in downtown or near the U of M campus. The study runs October 9 through October 22.

To participate, you will need to strap a small GPS unit to your bicycle and activate it as you begin and end your commute. Two or three times during the study, you will need to meet with the project team to transfer data from the GPS unit. These informal meetings should take no longer than 5 minutes, and the times and locations of the meetings are flexible. You will also need to participate in orientation and wrap-up.

To learn more, contact Reuben Collins at the University of Minnesota. Please provide your name, age, and the approximate endpoints of your commute.


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