Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Comcastic!

So I get home from work yesterday, make a couple of minor tweaks on the trike and pick up the kids. They want to ride on the new tag-along bike I picked up this weekend. So I hooked that up and hauled 7 year olds around behind me for about an hour and a half. That's not a lot of mileage because we were just cruising the neighborhood, but it does make for 3 1/2 hours on a bike yesterday. I cooked dinner, we ate, and I cleaned up. Nancy is reading Prince Caspian to the girls, so while they started in on their latest chapter I snuck downstairs to catch some Alpe d'Huez action. And, horror of horrors, the cable is out! So is internet. So I call Comcast, and long story short there's a guy coming to the house this morning between 8-9 to try and figure out why. But I missed all of possibly the best stage of the Tour. Man.

On a positive note, I was sitting at a stoplight on the way home yesterday afternoon and a little pickup truck pulls up next to me. The driver leans over and says, "How many miles per gallon does that thing get?" I said, "As many as you want." He laughed and laughed at that one, and we both went our seperate ways as the light turned green. Nice to have some pleasant interaction with my fellow travellers once in a while.

Date: July 18
Mileage: 23
Ride type: Commute
July mileage: 177
Year to date mileage: 1999


Sparky said...

good luck with teh cable.

You should have said, "Depends. A gallon of what?"

Tex69 said...

you're story of cable being out made me laugh, not out of spite but out of empathy. during three different summers, right in the middle of the Tour, we've had calamities that have taken down the coverge, two different years cable down, another year a massive power outage. i'm quite sure two of the three years it was NOT during sprint, but rather right in the midst of the mountain stages.

hang in there. just think of it as more time to ride.