Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Tour

I've been off work since last Thursday, and today is my first day back. My routine, since Saturday morning has been:
Roll out of bed, usually around 8
Make coffee
Turn on Tour coverage
Drink coffee, read blogs and watch the Tour until 11 or so
Get on with the rest of the day

So now, do I try to avoid any tour coverage during the workday and watch the updates in the evening? Or do I keep hitting refresh on the live update sites like an addicted lab monkey trying for his next fix? Either way, my employer shouldn't be able to require me to work between 7:30-11am during the month of July. It's inhumane.

Date: July 5
Mileage: 23
Ride type: Commute
July mileage: 43
Year to date mileage: 1865


budda43 said...

One word that has saved my sanity through many a missed live sporting events . . .


Ahhhhh ... Tivo.

Sascha said...

I have an old fashioned VCR that works great. I avoid tour coverage and stupid bloggers that don't have day jobs and forget that we 9to5ers can't watch the tour until we get home.

KM said...

Holy cow -- just stopped by Birchwood and they have the live coverage on every morning from 730-10:30 -- and on a gigantic flat screen TV.

They have wireless -- could be your new satellite office for July.


Pete said...

Wow! If I had a laptop for work, I would so be there. That would be a fun destination for a HC Saturday morning ride.

Pete Ryan said...

I am Tivoing and avoiding all tour update blogs. Maybe bike bloggers should have a little agreement, only talk about yesterday's tour coverage and pledge not to update on the next day's coverage until after midnight.

What are the safe blogs out there? I am afraid to look. :)

fatguyonalittlebike said...

I say you should hit the live update site like an addicted lab monkey, mostly because that is really cool to say, but also because that's what I do since I'm too cheap to buy cable and must do with out the cable channel that Lance Armstrong built.

Besides, how can you get anything done when you watch TV all night?

Gordy said...

If your bandwidth can stand it, you can always listen to the Eurosport sites live audio feed. Listening to Sean Kelly is hard at first with his accent, but its just as entertaining, plus no lab monkey key strokes. Then you can read whatever you like and still watch the updates later. Maybe.

stupid said...

I do the combo of all: DVR the live coverage, get the Eurosport feed, get the page from (funny how it self refreshes, yet i'm still hitting refresh like a monkey), then read the blogs.