Monday, November 27, 2006

I know you've been worried

It was a busy holiday weekend for me and mine. I had the Lasik procedure on Tuesday, which shot that day to hell. By Wednesday morning I could see really well. It's like a high-tech miracle. I spent Wednesday with my kids, getting used to not wearing glasses and getting used to the eye drop ritual. Wednesday afternoon we went to my one day eye follow-up appointment. The hottie doc told me I was already seeing 20/20 and sent me home.

Thursday we had the traditional Thanksgiving with my family, and I ate until I was sure I'd gain a few pounds. To make sure I'd keep those pounds on, Friday we hopped in the car and headed to Bemidji to see family, a parade, and fireworks. The kids swam in the hotel pool Friday night and Saturday morning. I hot tubbed, but no swimming (gotta keep the eyes dry for 7 days). Then Saturday afternoon we drove back home.

Sunday I did manage to burn some calories, but not on a bike. After a morning spent drinking coffee and cleaning the house I made waffles for the girls. Then I changed the oil in our van and watched a bit of the Vikings. The Vikes didn't really hold my attention so I put up the outside Christmas lights and cleaned the gutters since all the leaves are down from the trees.

The way things are going, it's going to be Christmas before I can even turn around.


Karl said...

Glad to hear the Lasik went smoothly. So now will you be riding with some kind of non-corrective eyewear to keep the bugs, dust, and beer cans away from your new investments?

Fritz said...

"eye drop ritual"? Is that a temporary thing, or will it be forever?

Anonymous said...

I had some jerks in a firebird throw a full jumbo-sized slushy at me once. They missed and drove away really fast as if they were scared I'd catch them.

hereNT said...

The eyedrops can take awhile. It was about 6 months before I wasn't using them first thing every morning. You have to be carefull, I think - don't use them too much after you've healed. It's like carmax or whatever that lip stuff is that stops your lips stop making what you need. I still use them from time to time, but try not to as much as I can... It was pretty much a weaning myself off of them thing.

Pete said...

I've noticed a huge decrease in the eye discomfort ever since I stopped taking the medicated drops that were required the first week. It's like they were causing more problems than they were solving. All in all, still great to be without the glasses.