Saturday, January 30, 2010

Racers Wanted

Tomorrow the good wife and I will be participating in the First Annual 'Why the *!%*!" do I live in MN-Saunders 5K'. I'll be participating on foot, against my wishes. So feel free to join us. There's a whole half a weekend still left. Run, walk, ride your bike, it's all good. And if you participate, let me know. I'll expect Race Reports. "I did it." will be good enough.


Yon Saucy Wench said...

I edited the post to include cyclists.

ruth said...

You forgot to mention that driving the course is not allowed.
Just wanted to clear that up for Dave-I mean whoever might wonder.

WheelDancer said...

I was up north running on boards this weekend but I did do 5K many times over though I suspect it doesn't count.