Thursday, February 11, 2010


As the winter drags on MN has been getting more and more snow.  Though the wing is back to about 95% I've chosen to not ride across the dreaded Mendota Bridge until it's been plowed.  That makes today the second time in the last two weeks that I've ridden my bike to work.  There was a noticeable improvement in today's ride because I finally replaced the bolt on my Brooks B67 and transferred it to the winter bike.  The old pleather Raleigh saddle I had been using wasn't the most uncomfortable saddle in the world.  But I believe it knows the most uncomfortable saddle in the world.  I'm sure they have been out for drinks together and see eye to eye on many points.
Regardless of what Punxatawny Phil said, now that I have done this basic upgrade to the winter bike, spring should be right around the corner.

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