Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cold November Rain

I didn't ride yesterday because it was raining cats and dogs in November. Nearly December. I don't mind a little rain, more or less, but it was really coming down. The last time I drove my truck I had gotten fed up with trying to tune in 89.3 on my crappy radio, so I still was on 93X (I was coming home from the bar). When I got into the truck last night on my way to class they were playing G&R's November Rain. How apropos. They were playing a differend G&R song when I got back into the truck after class (Paradise City, I think). This lack of imagination is why I don't listen to a lot of commercial radio any more.

When I got home from class, my tireflys had arrived in the mail! I found them on eBay brand new for $5 and free shipping so I decided to give them a whirl (ha). I have read that these things are kind of temperemental and they seem to be living up to that billing. They were both blinking when I opened the box, so I know they both work. But when I installed them on the Raleigh I could only get the rear one to come on intermittently. Yet this morning on the ride in it appears that the front one was working and the rear wasn't. It was pretty bright out so it's hard to tell for sure. I'll see tonight on the way home. If they light up fairly well I may spring for a set of the tirefly pros, or maybe even give the Reflects a shot. They're great for side visibility. It's probably dorky to admit, but I think they look kind of cool. You may now mock me.


Sascha said...

I've looked at those in the store several times and they kind of attract me (bright shiny objects!). But I resist as I know they would be mocked on my single speed. I might say eff you to peer pressure though and get some if you really like 'em.

Pete said...

I fully plan to put the tireflys on my single speed commuter project, whenever that's done. Peer pressure be dammed. Bright shiny objects! I think that the reflects would probably be more, well, efficient. But they're just so fugly!

the old bag said...

Man, you're a party on wheels with those things -- I've got a pair of Tireflys. Love 'em for visibility from the side when commuting in these dark mornings.


Lunatic Biker said...

My tireflys worked for quite a while. I couldn't get them to work again after they quit, even with new batteries. Peer pressure? What's that?

Sascha said...

"visibility from the side"

Can I just ask, what exactly are you guys trying to get to see you? By the time a car sees me from the side, he's already out of the crossing intersection and about to hit me. I don't see the tireflys changing that at all. I think it'll still be too late.

Pete said...

"visibility from the side"

There are two spots where I thought they might be beneficial. When I'm riding in the bike lane on Minnehaha and pass a cross street where a car is waiting to pull out. There's just enough of an angle that I don't feel like they see my headlight very well. And the other place is the roundabout down by Minnehaha Park. Once I'm in the roundabout it's pretty tough for cars entering the roundabout to see me, because the way it's laid out they're pretty much approaching me from the side.

Plus, they're shiny.