Monday, November 14, 2005

Slip and slide up the icy walkway

I was going to post something about the impending 4-8 inches of snow that's coming this morning this afternoon tonight tomorrow, but I see that the good folks at Surly have beat me to it. And said it better than I would have. So without further adieu, a friendly reminder from the good folks at Surly:

Old man Winter - who I believe has been on a bender in the Bahamas for the past few weeks - is set to power slide into our fair Minnesota this week. Tomorrow the weather dice-rollers are calling for a "90% chance of snow with significant accumulation likely."

When they say significant accumulation 'round these parts, folks take heed. Personally, I'm stoked. You can't really live here if you can't deal with snow. And that first dumper of the season (I said 'dump') is always so fancy.

Remember this, though, dear Surly devotees, Winter makes folks into even crappier drivers. They'll forget (even here in the North) that snow makes things slippery and they'll slide soundlessly through intersections. SUV drivers will be excited because no "significant accumulation" is going to stop them. Unfortunately, their brakes will also not be stopping them.

I think SUV drivers have that same sort of dream that snowmobilers have - that one day, the snow will be SO bad that they, and only they, will be mobile. "I'll go out for the diapers and insulin!" "My hero!"

So, the theme really is: be on the lookout for the 2 ton slidey chunk of death shusssing past your local stop sign.

I'm thinking of petitioning the appropriate governing board who makes these decistions to change the name of the season from "Winter" to "Pugsley."

Have a snowy and safe Pugsley.

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