Saturday, November 05, 2005

Weekend update

I'm nearly midway through a four day weekend, go me! The kids don't have school on Friday or Monday, so I'm not working. But, yesterday afternoon we drove to Belle Plaine and turned over custody to the grandparents until Monday. So we've been doing our best impression of being irresponsible kid free people.

Last night we finally went to see Serenity. I found it very enjoyable, but the Mrs. really really liked it. I'm sure that we'll be the proud owners of both the Firefly DVD and the Serenity DVD once it comes out. We barely made the theatrical showing, both in date and time. The movie came out September 19 according to Nancy and already it's only showing in three theaters here in the metro. We hauled butt in the minivan over to Hopkins 6 and just barely made it. Joel and I missed the first couple minutes standing in line for popcorn. Because we were late, we sat in the second to last row. When you go to the movies, there are pretty much three rules to live by:
1. Don't talk
2. Turn off your cell phone
3. Don't take young kids to inappropriate movies

Fortunately for us, we had folks behind us who were not aware of any of these rules. They brought two small kids with them. Kids who probably shouldn't have seen the movie because it's got a fair amount of violence. And they were certainly old enough to figure out what was going on. One of the kids talked through a lot of the picture. And, both the mom and the dad had their cell phones ring during the movie at separate times. It was fabulous. After the movie we went to the Big 10 bar next door and had a few beers and appetizers.

Tonight we were supposed to go out with Nancy's brother, but they called around 1:00 and asked if we could do lunch instead (sure, we don't have kids this weekend, we can do whatever we want!). So we went to Don Pablo's and had a couple of really big margaritas. Tonight we've been mostly sitting around. I'm working on a website for my web development class. The margaritas were a big help in that effort.

Tomorrow, I've gotta finish the site. The project is due Monday. Plus, I should act somewhat responsible and rake some leaves before it snows.

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