Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Shoes

Somebody in the comments the other day (Hi Sparky!) said I should post a picture of the Schwinn with the new rims. I did take some photos the other night while I was changing the rims out, but none of them came out very well. I guess that's what you get when you take pics with a point and click digital camera in a garage that's lit by one 75 watt bulb.
schwinn premis campagnolo rims

Date: May 2
Mileage: 26
Ride type: Commute
May mileage: 26
Year to date mileage: 1212

Date: May 3
Mileage: 25
Ride type: Commute
May mileage: 51
Year to date mileage: 1237

1 comment:

Sparky said...

That's giving the readers what they want. ;)

Looks nice!
What, no before picture? Hee.