Sunday, May 28, 2006


Happiness is an organized garage. I spent a couple hours moving stuff around this afternoon and ended up with this. Insert contented sigh here.

my garage

Date: May 26
Mileage: 19
Ride type: Commute
May mileage: 275
Year to date mileage: 1462


maggie Osterberg said...

That's a lot of bikes! Lookin' good, Pete!

Nancy said...

That looks so good!

Jill said...

Your garage looks like a bike shop.

Doug said...

I wish I had that much storage space for bicycles...or maybe not I already have 4. I could easily think of three or four more that I would like to add to my personal selection of rides. I don't have a garage, so I have to keep them in my basement. I have a room 20'x12' that not only serves as bike storage, but it's also the bike shop, woodworking shop, laundry room, houses the freezer and storage room. It's neat and organized and works, but the space is tight.

Anonymous said...
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Tex69 said...

ouch. your efficiency is painful. not only am i not getting enough miles, but i'm not as organized either. i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy

budda43 said...

Is that an animated image? I'm waiting for the light to shine on the bikes and the voices of angels singing in the background to be heard.

the old bag said...

Now there's some good bike shui!

Pete said...

For the record, two of those bikes are my wife's.

Jill, that's the nicest thing anybody's said about my garage ever. Will you marry me?

As always, you're worthy.

There's no celestial light in my garage. There's only a dim glow from the lone 100 watt bulb.

I was thinking a bit about bike shui while I worked on the project. I hope the master will be pleased.

the old bag said...

I'll send this post link along and see if I hear back!