Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike to Work day tomorrow

The City of Minneapolis website has been updated with a new bike to work day link showing departure times and locations for all the Minneapolis routes for tomorrow. The route I'm leading from Minnehaha Park is scheduled to depart at 7:00am. We'll convene between the Falls and the Sea Salt restauraunt/shelter. I plan to be there around 6:45. Leaving at 7 should put us downtown around 7:30 or so, depending on red lights and the overall speed of the group. The route this year was chosen to highlight the "new" section of Greenway. We're going up Minnehaha Ave, so we won't see all of it, but we will get a chance to check the progress of the new bike bridge at Hiawatha. Thrills!

My personal Bike to Work month challenge has been questioned by my dear wife. I've scheduled my wisdom tooth extraction for next Thursday the 24th. She asked "Won't this mean you're not going to be able to ride every day in May?" For clarification, I never said I would ride every day in May. My proposition was that every time I went to work in May, I would ride. This means that I only fail if I drive to work. Since I won't be working that day, I'm still in good shape. But today is causing me some consternation. My daughter woke up sick today and couldn't go to school. So I'm working from home. According to my earlier logic, I didn't go to work so this day doesn't count. But, I did have to drive my car to work to get my laptop. So technically I'd call today a failure.


lauren said...

no, i'd say sickness doesn't count either - especially if it's a kid.

and since you didn't work at "work" today, you just stopped by, it's still ok.

at least that's how i'd look at it if i had a bike to work month challenge going.

Smudgemo said...

Can't be part of the solution 100% of the time, so quit beating yourself up about it. If you woke up Monday and there was a nasty storm beating down, would you ride just because you pledged to?

Next time you are on the fence whether to ride to work or not, make up for it and ride. Do it twice if once doesn't assuage your guilt.

Nancy said...

I was teasing when I asked about that...