Friday, May 25, 2007

No bike and no beer make Pete something something

It's going to be well over a week between bike rides at this pace. But, sometimes a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. A brief summary of my non-riding week:
Monday - Daughter #2 got sick. So I repeated Thursday's drive to work for laptop excursion and worked from home.
Tuesday - Zoo Field trip. The entire school went to the Minnesota Zoo for a field trip. Somehow, I managed to convince the teaching staff that I'm a responsible adult and chaperoned. Great fun. No worky.
Wednesday - Dad had his prostate removed. I thought about biking over to the hospital in the morning to see him off on his surgical journey, but I had to take my laptop in to work. I didn't really want to lug the thing all over the hospital, and certainly couldn't leave it on my bike. So logistics of gear storage won out, and I drove to the hospital, and then to work.
Thursday - I had my wisdom teeth removed. It seemed appropriate to not bike for some reason.
Friday - Chilling at home in sweatpants, working and catching up on some blogs. Getting tired of eating soft foods.

I'm going to skip the Hiawatha Ride tomorrow and probably won't be back on the bike until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. But life gets crazy at times. I'm going to try to get some long overdue bike maintenence in over the holiday weekend, while I'm sucking dinner through a straw. Keep on ridin', y'all have some miles to put on in my stead.


Snakebite said...

When I had my wisdom teeth out they gave me some cool pain pills. The pain pills mixed with some red wine made me feel VERY mellow. Just saying.....

Gordy said...

Dude! My condolences. If you want to hear the monster of all wisdom teeth removal stories, ask. Too lazy to type. Get well soon, then get on the bike, then get your but on a Hiawatha ride. Not like I'm going to be there either. I'll be yelling at kids inside the elephant with me. Good luck to your pop as well. Surgery is no fun.

KM said...

Recover fast my friend. Oh, beer goes thru a straw. Nice buzz too.


rigtenzin said...

Did you have the dentist install some grillz also?

Apertome said...

Yikes, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being sick and your wisdom teeth. I haven't had a perfect commuting record this month either, even though I hadn't driven to work for about two months. Sometimes circumstances make it hard to ride. It's not a big deal.

Part of why I like riding to work is knowing that without a car, I could still get around. That doesn't necessarily mean I have to ride every day, it's enough knowing I could if I had to.