Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Jim

Friday I ended up working from home, so I didn't get a commute in. But after I finished my office duties I decided to go visit Jim and see if I could get a free slice of cake. I spent a little time in the garage and got the Robin Hood all ready to roll and rode that up to the Shop. This was the longest distance away from home I'd ridden this bike, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially going across the Mendota Bridge. Some roadie looking guy jumped on the bike path just ahead of me before we started to cross, and he kept looking perplexed because he wasn't dropping the guy on the old bike. Granted, I was pushing pretty hard to keep up but it's fun to screw with the roadies.

I picked up a new tire for my Jamis, since I had the catastrophic tire issue last week at Lake Pepin. I probably could have ridden the Ironman with the "dolla dolla bill y'all" boot in there, but why take the risk? After I ate cake and chatted with Jim and then headed home with my new tire. I'm going to start riding some of my other bikes on a more regular basis. That's part of the fun of having more than one, right?

Date: April 27
Mileage: 10
Ride type/Bike: Errand/Robin Hood
April mileage: 275
Year to date mileage: 1184


this verdant country said...

Thanks for coming by for cake and rubber. I love riding my 3-speed. I hope you decide to join the 3-speed tour in a couple weeks.

Doug said...

Pete...It was nice to meet you on the Ironman Ride Sunday.

Snakebite said...

Remember the old saying, "the number of bikes you need is the number of bikes you have - plus one bike."

Pete said...

I love that rule, Snake.

Nice to meet you too, Doug. I was going to put something to that effect when I talked about the Ironman. I'm behind.

And Jim, let's keep discussions of my rubber purchases out of the public forum. ;-)

rigtenzin said...

Ride them all. If you can't ride them all, sell the ones you don't ride and replace them with others that you might ride. That doesn't really sound very smart, but it's how I operate.