Friday, December 28, 2007

In which I natter on aimlessly

I'm a Type B person, always have been. I'm not really driven to succeed or very goal oriented in most of my life. However, I'm finding this is in direct conflict with how I normally ride my bike. The most obvious sign of this is that I publicly track my mileage on my blog. I've met my mileage goal for the year, by the way. But I'm also discovering that in addition to tracking miles, I'm also very goal oriented in how and when I ride. The vast majority of my miles come from commuting. Commuting is very goal oriented. You start at home and end up at work. At the end of the day, repeat in the reverse. My second most common ride is going out with the crew from Hiawatha. Again, there's a definite goal. The stated goal of these rides is flaky pastry. But there's also the camaraderie factor, which is more motivating that a doughnut and probably the more realistic goal.

It's rare that I just get on the bike with no specific destination in mind. I did just that yesterday. I started riding, and didn't know where to go and where I would end up. I wound up heading over to Highway 55 to see if the Mendota Bridge had been plowed. It had, so I crossed over and puttered around Ft Snelling for a while. I took a few photos. And I enjoyed myself. And wondered, why don't I do this more often?

Date: December 27
Mileage: 9
Ride type/Bike: Exploring/Raleigh Triumph
December mileage: 143
Year to date mileage: 3938


andrew said...

if the destination is your soul, then the milage is meaningless... it's like one of those mastercard adverts.... bs=$100,something you enjoy=priceless

Anonymous said...

yay for wandering! love the bike xmas lights.
i've been meaning to ask you, how does one dress for winter cycling in mn? i would love photos as well as descriptions. -:D

Jim Thill said...

I wear one of those sumo wrestler costumes.

rigtenzin said...

Let's hear it for the type B people! Wandering is fun, but my schedule just doesn't allow as much of it as I'd like.