Sunday, January 06, 2008


I had a discrepancy between my mileage as stated on the blog and my mileage on the Excel spreadsheet that I use. It took until the last day of my nearly two week vacation, but I sorted it out. Excel was right, I missed a number on the addition somewhere along the line. My official total for 2007 was 3836 miles. But what I found more interesting was the breakdown of how often I rode each different bike and how many miles each bike had for the year.

Miles per bike, from greatest to least:
Schwinn Premis: 2010
Jamis Satellite: 960
Raleigh Eclipse: 317
Sun EZ-Tad Trike: 159
Schwinn Suburban: 151
Raleigh Triumph: 143
Raleigh Robin Hood: 66
Miyata Shredder: 30
Total: 3836

Number of rides per bike, from greatest to least:
Schwinn Premis: 85
Jamis Satellite: 35
Raleigh Eclipse: 16
Raleigh Triumph: 9
Schwinn Suburban: 7
Sun EZ-Tad Trike: 6
Raleigh Robin Hood: 4
Miyata Shredder: 1
Total: 163

Here the really interesting thing, to me at least. I either didn't own all of the bikes listed all of the year. The Suburban was acquired in May and wasn't road worthy until July. The first ride on my Triumph wasn't until December 5. Yet both of those bikes got more miles that a couple that I owned the entire year.

I also broke my riding down by the types of ride I did. Those were fairly predictable results, at least in the commuting department:
Commute: 3263
Hiawatha: 420
Ironman: 104
Family ride: 30
Errands: 10
Exploring: 9
Total: 3836

I also broke this down by number of rides:
Commute: 142
Hiawatha: 15
Family ride: 3
Ironman: 1
Errands: 1
Exploring: 1
Total: 163

I was a bit surprised at only having 3 rides labeled as "Family" but since the girls just learned how to ride without training wheels this year, that's not bad. I spent a whole lot of time with them on bikes, but I was usually running along side them rather than riding. I also didn't count the times when I would ride back and forth on the street behind our house with them, only when we went somewhere. I'm hoping this number will go up quite a bit in 2008.

The last trivial statistic I can bring myself to talk about is my month over month mileage. This one's pretty self explanatory:
January: 309
February: 282
March: 308
April: 379
May: 332
June: 265
July: 472
August: 389
September: 395
October: 386
November: 176
December: 143

No point or conclusions to draw from this, but I made a graph.

That's a lot of data. I think I've even bored myself.

Date: January 3
Mileage: 18
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Raleigh Triumph
January mileage: 34
Year to date mileage: 34

Date: January 4
Mileage: 14
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Raleigh Triumph
January mileage: 48
Year to date mileage: 48

Date: January 5
Mileage: 25
Ride type/Bike: Hiawatha/Raleigh Triumph
January mileage: 73
Year to date mileage: 73


Tim S said...

What's funny Pete is that, having done a smidgen of ## crunching myself, it doesn't bore me in the least. I'm curious to see how other people's experience run. You put in many more commute miles than I. I have to find a way not to disappear in Spring. Oh well. Happy '08

Tim S said...

that me, tex69 under a different guise.

Reflector Collector said...

Wow Pete!

It would be fun to look back at the numbers to figure out how many were ridden, on which bike, etc. I suppose that it wouldn't begin with accurate record keeping for 2008, I just don't know that I have the energy to do so...

Thanks for sharing and perhaps stimulating an idea???!