Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Innovate or Die

Every once in a great while I get a random comment on a really old blog post. It's always a bit puzzling, and even disconcerting. Since I rarely go back and re-read my blog entries I often forget that they're out there and other people might be reading them. I got a comment today on a post that I originally made nearly a year ago, February 20, 2007 to be precise. And in this case, it's bad news. From alert poster Bob, who seems to have some sort of special connection to the Angel:

Hello Bob,

Happy 2008! I hope all is well with you. Another great year of cycling is among us and TOC is less than a month away.

I was hoping to share the good news of my return as the Specialized Angel for the 3rd year, but Specialized did not ask for my return. I was heart-broken when they gave me the news that they decided to have another girl from Spain be the Angel at TOC this year. They thanked me for all I've done to make the Angel iconic and to not take it personal, but it was the majority opinion of having this someone be the Angel who spoke multiple languages and keeping it fresh for the press.

It was very difficult for me to imagine someone else in my wings. After all, I was the first Specialized Angel who the cycling industry was so taken with and I was so taken with them. Being that there has been one Devil (Didi Senft) in Europe for many years, I was dreaming whole-heartily of being the one Angel for the U.S. I do respect Specialized's decision for whomever they choose to be their Angel - I'm just disheartened that it will not be me.

I have to say as I told Specialized that I am truly grateful to have been the Specialized Angel all this time and will remember this amazing experience for the rest of my life. I've been able to embrace the cycling phenomenon like never before. I absolutely loved being at the KOMs, starts, & finishes blowing my signature kisses to all the riders, team cars, motorcades, police squad cars, caravan, and of course the fantastic fans. So a special thanks to you and Pez Cycling for featuring me these past 2 years and although you will not see me in my glorious wings, I will be along the sidelines cheering on the riders at various stages of TOC and enjoying every moment as I have always done. And yes, "I am Specialized"!

Jana Ireton

Anyway, it seems clear that Specialized is planning to kick Jana to the curb in favor of some fresh faced girl who can speak more than one language. We'll have to just remember her as she was.
jana ireton

P.S. Why isn't Jana Ireton sending me notes signed "Kisses"?

Date: January 22
Mileage: 20
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Triumph
January mileage: 246
Year to date mileage: 246


rigtenzin said...

Oh my! She's quite appealing in her swimsuit.

I bet Specialized hires a really ugly biddy as her replacement.

I can't wait to see her.

Boones Farm said...

Ask Bob to invite her to a HC saturday morning ride.

Angel said...

Hello Pete,

I see my heavenly news travels fast. I wanted to personally send you kisses saying thank you for posting me on your blog these past couple of years. I'm very happy that you've haven't forgotten about me and hopefully you never will.

Many Thanks, Jana