Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An acceptable level of funk

Article today in the Pioneer Press about bike commuting and "how to stay fresh".  Nothing new if you're a veteran commuter, but some good food for thought if you're a newbie.  And especially nice to reassure newbs that with minimal precautions you won't stink.
In other news, I'm volunteering for the Republican National Convention!  Er, sort of.  I'm actually volunteering for Bikes Belong to man one of their bike kiosks during the RNC.  Apparently the goal is to get the Rethugs out on bikes to enjoy our fair Twin Cities when they're not too busy puking.  I figure any opportunity to get folks who legislate onto bikes is a golden one.  I got a sweet location at the Stone Arch bridge on Wednesday September 2.  A very scenic location and should be plenty far away from any RNC protest nonsense that might be going on in either downtown.  I may also be leading a ride to show off some of the finer points of the Twin Cities.  More to come on that.  If you're interested in volunteering, contact Lisa Austin.  Her cleverly encoded email address is laustin AT visi DOT com. 
Miles since last post:  26
Current month miles:  227
Previous month miles:  473
Year to date miles:  2655


Yokota Fritz said...

I'd love to know how the bike share thing goes. And good for you for volunteering!

bother yam said...

The Republicans can act like they have been for the last 8 years and help themselves. Screw Minnesota Nice.