Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freewheelin Bike rental

The Democratic National Convention is winding down, and the Republican National Convention will be gearing up next week.  I just found out that the Freewheelin Bike Sharing stations in Denver all have live video streams, which is pretty cool in my book (Thanks to Yehuda Fritz for the link!).  My guess is that Freewheelin will have a similar type of setup here when they do the RNC bike share as well.  So there's a distinct possibility you will be able to see my smiling face somewhere on the interwebs next Wednesday.  Once the RNC feeds are up and running I'll post a new link with more specifics about when and where I'll be.  For those of you stuck at work or with a really slow social life.


Yokota Fritz said...

"Yehuda Fritz"?

Yokota Fritz said...

So how's the bike rental going? The live video feeds are up and running -- which one should we look for you at? :-)