Friday, December 05, 2008

The perfect cycling gift

I emailed my lovely wife yesterday with what I thought was the perfect christmas gift:  The WinePod.  In these troubling economic times, who wouldn't want to spend $8,999.00 on a stainless steel machine that will make your own wine?  It just makes good financial sense.
But then I found something from the good folks at Hammacher Schlemmer that is perfect for the cyclist on your list:  The Only Complete Swiss Army Knife.  
It has seven blades, three types of pliers, three golf tools (club face cleaner, shoe spike wrench, and divot repair tool), 25 flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers and bits, saws, wrenches, and more. It also has a bicycle chain rivet setter, signal whistle, 12/20-gauge shotgun choke tube tool, combination fish scaler, hook disgorger, and line guide tool, cigar-cutting scissors, laser pointer, tire-tread gauge, toothpick, tweezers, and key ring.
That's 87 different functions for only $1400.  When you break it down, it's just over $16 per function.  They're practically giving this stuff away!  I'll probably need a custom built saddle bag to haul this thing. 


KM said...

I had no interest until I saw the cigar cutter. Sweet!!!

midway cyclist said...

Damn, and i really need a hook disgorger.

bother yam said...

Real men wear their Swiss Army knives on their belt. I just happen to have a calf's leather sheath that would fit that and I would let it go for the low, low price of $295 US.

I has a loop for a flashlight and a blade sharpening steel too.

rigtenzin said...

Riv just brought in a new bag that might fit this monster: