Monday, December 29, 2008

Sun Dogs

I took the dogs for a walk today over in the National Wildlife Refuge. It's somewhat of an unofficial off leash dog park for folks in the know who go in on the eastern side, far away from the Refuge proper. I've never met anybody over there other than fishermen or other people who have their dogs off leash.

The walk there, from front door to the lake and back, is probably about 2 1/2 miles. But we were gone for nearly two hours. Such is a walk where the dogs are in charge of the pace. We stop and sniff everything. And wander in the rushes. And perhaps eat some rushes. But we're not rushed.

Dogs are good for reminding you to stop and smell the roses. And the dead squirrels. It's all a tapestry.


Apertome said...

Now those are some happy dogs!

Tex69 said...

Did you see my wallet along the trail? I think that's where I lost it yesterday. (well, a trail in KY but I'll take any help I can get). If you see it, holler and let me know.

And BTW, those ARE happy dogs!