Sunday, October 28, 2012

River rat

I went out for a ride on the Minnesota River Bottoms trails this morning/afternoon.  It's a pity that I live so close to this great little urban wilderness and don't take advantage of it more often than I do.  I rode my old Miyata Shredder, which is the fattest-tired bike that I own.  It's no Pugsley, but it's about right for these trails.  Speaking of Pugsleys, I saw multiple pug tracks while I was down there.  There was a time when a Pugsley Sighting was an event, but with the fatbike explosion over the last few years it's hardly worth mentioning any more.  

Yes, I forgot my helmet.  Don't judge.

Highway 77, which is where I turned around.

The abandoned parking lot at 77 was vaguely creepy.  

Old school.  26", fully rigid, anodized bar ends, neon graphics.  What's not to like?

I chose not to ride this.  With no helmet, I figured I'd play it safe.  Yeah, that's it.


Tex69 said...

A Pete sighting!!

and nice neon, for sure. I miss my stolen black and pink C'dale.

Pete said...

Yes, Tex, a Pete sighting. Sadly, almost as rare these days as a Pug sighting was in 2005. ;-)

The Old Bag said...

Perfect for Aspen!