Monday, December 12, 2005

Pugsley Sighting

I saw my first live in person Pugsley this morning on the train. There was a guy who wheeled it on at about the 38th St station. The pictures of this thing don't do it justice. It's huge. Even the non-bike normal commuters were staring. I think this was the first time this guy had brought his Pug on the train, because he tried to put it in the bike rack. The Endomorph tires on the Large Marge rims were too big to fit into the rack thingie. Clearly a design flaw. With the train rack, that is. I was busy doing some last minute cramming for tonight's final, so I didn't chat with the rider. He got off one stop before me, otherwise I would have asked if I could give it a try.

If I thought Santa could lift the big bugger, I'd put the Pug on my Christmas list. But I don't want the old guy to strain his back.

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Jim said...

I rode a Pugsley a couple months ago. It's really amazing. No suspension, but I didn't feel the curbs.

There's a short article in this month's Adventure Cyclist about some people who did a tour in Alaska, like 160 miles on the beach (literally) up by Nome; one of them rode a Pugsley.