Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Annie's song

Annie has expressed her desire for a Carbon Fiber water bottle cage because hey, who doesn't want to spend $100 on a water bottle cage?

And you know what the perfect accessory is to compliment this extravagence? The new Carbon Fiber jersey from Cannondale.

Cannondale Men's and Women's Carbon Jersey

Carbon is the hot material in anything bike-related. Why not clothing? This jersey has carbon infused in the poly/nylon fabric to provide SPF 50 sun protection, an anti-microbial effect to reduce odor and higher moisture wicking ability. Plus, it's carbon.

Cost: $150

After shelling out $100 for a water bottle cage, $150 for a jersey seems like a damn bargain!


annie said...

No, I need TWO carbon fiber bottle cages. Duh.

In that picture the jersey didn't look like carbon. They'd have to weave the fabric so it looked like carbon weave before it would be cool. Otherwise what are you going to do, tell everyone you see "Hey, look at me, I'm wearing a CARBON JERSEY!" Style Man would faint in horror at the thought.

No, my friend, what you need is a $259.95 Assos skinsuit. Because you are too cool for carbon.

Pete said...

If by "too cool" you mean "too cheap" then you're absolutely right. I'm also "too cool" for that skinsuit. ;)