Monday, October 31, 2005

You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel

Happy freakin' Halloween! Two interesting things happened on the way home tonight. First, I definitely noticed that daylight saving's time has ended. I left work early to get home and take the kiddos trick or treating and noticed that it's dark now. That means I've gotta get a light situation figured out for Betty, or stop riding her. Because it's going to be real dark, real soon at my normal commute time.

If you made it through that only marginally interesting observation, here's the payoff. Such that it is. The other interesting thing that happened tonight had nothing to do with the time change. As I neared the intersection of Sibley Memorial Highway and Highway 13 I was about to take a right onto Hwy 13. A little red Chevy S-10 came up behind me, gunned it really hard to get past me (even though I was well on the shoulder) and then immediately hit the brakes so he could take the right hand turn first. So I had to brake so I didn't run into him. I love that. But, as he was going around the corner, his spare tire fell off! It was one of those little ones that mounts underneath the bed of the truck, and it just fell flat as a pancake right in the middle of the street and laid there. Right in my path.

A quick bit of reflexes and a speedy manuver just barely kept me from going straight into the tire and most likely head over heels to the pavement. I yelled and tried to wave the guy down, thinking he'll probably want that tire at some point, but he didn't notice me or the fact that the tire had come loose. Oh well. Nothing like a hastening twilight and some random car droppings to liven up the daily commute.

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