Sunday, October 02, 2005


It's time to introduce another bike, Bolt-on Betty.

I call her Bolt-on Betty, because if there's a bolt on attachment she's got it. Two water bottle cages? Check. Rear rack? Check. Computer? Check. And most recently aero bars. Check. It's a cluttered look, but it's more function vs. form.

Word to the wise: Wet rims require increased stopping distance.

You'll also notice that I'm still using down tube shifters. Old school, low maintanence. And Suntour of all things.

She's a Schwinn Premis I've owned for about 3 years now. I found her completely by accident one afternoon when I went to Twin City Outboard looking for parts for my 1949 Johnson 5 horse motor. One of the employees had this bike and another outside for sale. He was asking $75 for the Schwinn and I talked him down to $50. Since then I've added new tires, the rack, computer and aero bars. I also bought a new Specialized Body Geometry saddle and clipless pedals.

But everything else was pretty much as it was when I bought it. This is my main steed, the bike I ride to work most every day. She's been on MS150 rides and training rides, unplanned rambles across all parts of the twin cities. Betty is the bike that makes me want to ride fast.


Henry said...

Nice bike. Thanks for the photo and info.

Are the shifters indexed for 5 cogs?


Pete said...

The shifters are indexed but the rear cog is a six speed, not five.