Friday, October 07, 2005


This was a weird week for biking. Monday the temps were in the 80s with the dewpoints in the 70s, even well into the evening. I took the bus over to St Paul for night class and rode my bike from downtown to Metro State, just about a mile. That ride had me sweatier than just about any short distance I've done this summer. It was unbelieveably humid. I missed Tuesday because I needed to be in to work at 6:00 am and just couldn't drag myself out of bed early enough to ride. Probably a good thing because it started raining like mad that morning and didn't stop until we had 5-6 inches.

I rode Wednesday, Thursday and today as the temps kept falling. Wednesday morning it was about 40 degrees and there was a little rain but not bad. Yesterday it was closer to 35 and this morning it was about 33 degrees. But comfortable riding weather. I was colder last Wednesday when it was raining than I have been this week.

I've been wearing my bike vest, which is very thin but a great windshell. I wish I would have bought the identical jacket when I bought this one, because the vest will only carry me so far. I'm bidding on a Pearl Izumi bike jacket/vest on eBay right now that looks like it would do the trick. It's currently at $5.00. I also noticed that I'm going to need to get a new headband to replace the one I lost last spring. My ears felt just a bit chilly. Not bad, but another 10 degrees colder and I'll be feeling it.

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Nancy said...

You're a madman, darling dear.