Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Posting via email

The crackdown of the work regime has commenced.  Blogger, and all related web addresses have been blocked.  They fall into the category of "personal web page" which is verboten.  Flickr has also been banned.  No bloggie from work.  So, being the clever chimp with a blatent disregard for The Man's rules that I am, I'm testing my ability to post to blogger via email.  Fun stuff!  The funny thing is, I rarely post from work.  But now, who knows?

In other news, I happened across a fellow blogger this morning on my way in to work.  I started reading Reflector Collector around the time he was talking about the lunacy of an elementary school policy in Roseville that doesn't allow kids to actually ride their bikes to school  And I've sort of been following it ever since.  It's always fun to meet the person behind the words.  He was riding his self-proclaimed "ugly 1993 Trek 520" and I was riding the Schwinn of many colors because I popped a spoke on the Jamis the other day and haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.  Between the two of us, we made quite a pair.  Though I think I win the ugly bike competition, if I do say so.  Nice to meet you as well.

OK, 3-2-1 test send!

Links don't seem to work properly using the post-by-email feature. Otherwise, good to go!

Date: July 16
Mileage: 26
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Jamis
July mileage: 209
Year to date mileage: 2096

Date: July 17
Mileage: 26
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Premis
July mileage: 235
Year to date mileage: 2122

Date: July 17
Mileage: 6
Ride type/Bike: Family ride to Waterpark/Schwinn Suburban
July mileage: 241
Year to date mileage: 2128

Date: July 18
Mileage: 26
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Premis
July mileage: 267
Year to date mileage: 2154


the old bag said...

good deal at using the email updates -- funny how denying something makes one want to get at it more than one normally would if it were available, free and easy.

Gordy said...

I don't blog much from work either. It has to be some terrifically annoying altercation for me to write about it from work. They haven't blocked them yet. Could happen anytime as I work for one of those international corporate giants which means they have no scruples whatsoever.
They do block uTube, MySpace, Gather, and anything even slightly resembling a dating site. And they've recently begun blocking music and even spoken word sites. Including my personal favorite and low bandwidth hog, This American Life from public radio. Stupid stupid stupid. I can still listen somehow to the tour though. If I wanted to.

rigtenzin said...

It's nice to meet fellow bloggers, like Pete and Gordy for example.