Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Day bikes

Here are some random pictures of cool bikes I saw on Bike to Work day.
First, an Electra that One on One had on display:
And a nice looking Swobo, also from One on One:

I saw several Big Dummies out and about. This one was pulling double duty as a display table:
Big Dummy
A bitchin' old Schwinn, tilted at an unflattering angle on the rack:

This lime green Mercer was an eye catcher:

Another snappy vintage Schwinn:

A nice old Raleigh:

I was so taken aback by the simplicity of this rack, I didn't even notice what kind of bike it is:

My coworker Charlie's bike. The blue one with the beat up Brooks saddle. Not the one that looks like it has a studded dildo for a downtube:

A nice old Wyoming:

The oldest bike I saw all day, a vintage Raleigh. All ready for the 3 speed tour:

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Anonymous said...

Pete - the rack on the Clubman Bike is a homemade rack, by none other than Eric L., one half of the Banjo Brothers.