Monday, May 12, 2008

Show of Hands

It was an exciting day here at Velocipete World Headquarters. It was my first commute since I decided to take time off to heal from a rabid spider bite on my penis. And all in all, the commute went well. However, due to lots of other activity throughout the day I'm going to play it safe and skip tomorrow's commute. I mean, skip biking. If I could figure out a way to skip commuting entirely that would be another story. It's unfortunate, because today was the kick off for Bike to Work Week. Normally here at VPWHQ every week is bike to work week, but this is a time for the rest of you slackers out there to give it a whirl. I'm sure there's no connection to the nearly $4 per gallon gas prices, but the bike rack in our building was more full than I've ever seen it today. Yay Bike to Work Week.

Speaking of, this morning I hoofed it over to the downtown Mpls. library to see the conclusion of the Great Commuter Challenge. The illustrious Mayor Rybak managed to win the race on his bicycle. He's probably been getting lots of practice biking after losing his drivers license. County Commissioner Toni Carter came in second through a combination of walking and transit. Roadguy placed third. I swear this thing has to be rigged. Though Rybak was breathing pretty heavily when he came around to shake my hand. You can read more about the "race" from Roadguy.

For what I believe will be the fourth year I'll be leading a Commuter Convoy on Bike To Work Day, which is this Wednesday. Meet at the pavilion in Minnehaha Park if you want to ride to work with me. If you want to ride to work with someone who's not me, there are dozens of routes listed on the Bike to Work Commuter Convoy page. If you're reading the blog and plan to ride with me, leave a comment or shoot me an email to let me know.

This weekend The Mrs. and I will be heading south to participate in the 3 Speed Tour. The Mrs. asked me earlier this week who else I knew who was going, and I shrugged my shoulders. This bought me an eye roll and a "What have you gotten me into?" comment. So if you're reading this and also heading down, leave a comment or shoot me an email. My gmail address is "frosti". I'm sure you can figure out the formatting from there.

Date: May 8
Mileage: 2
Ride type/Bike: School Escort/Robin Hood
May mileage: 26
Year to date mileage: 1350

Date: May 12
Mileage: 18
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Kuwahara
May mileage: 44
Year to date mileage: 1368


Jim Thill said...

What time is the meeting at Minnehaha Park?

My mom and I will be doing the 3ST.

Pete said...

We're meeting at 6:45, in case you haven't already found that info on the bike walk website. Maybe we'll see you tomorrow! And for sure this weekend!

Jim K said...

I think that I will make your ride on Wednesday morning, but I have to peel off early. I am working at home Wednesday but really want to participate in bike to work day again.

Jim Thill said...

Well, I do know that some of the HC ride regulars are planning to do the 3ST. Boone's Farm, one of the ten Bobs, and Rob/Bob (of 3speedblog famousness) come to mind. Make sure to pass those names on to your spouse. She'll surely feel better.