Monday, May 05, 2008

Niblets and giblets (or, I've got Corn in my pants!)

I've had a few days off the bike and the spider-borne rabies seems to be healing. It's feeling better, for what it's worth. With Bike to Work day and the 3-speed tour both coming up in a couple of weeks I think I'm going to continue to take it easy. One observation I've had during my convalescence is that it's difficult to ice down the innermost portion of one's thigh without icing down at least one of one's yarbles. At least if one happens to be of the male persuasion. Brrrr.

On a seemingly unrelated note, we have a 7 year old half beagle half basset hound named Bailey. Bailey is a super nice dog and well behaved in all aspects where food is not involved. When food enters the picture, all bets are off. During the last month or so we've had several familial injuries that required ice packs. Somehow during this period a bag of Green Giant corn niblets has been pressed into service as an ice pack. We had decided long ago that this bag of niblets would never be consumed by us as it's spent too much time out of the freezer. This week I reinforced the notion that the corn was no longer fit for consumption by keeping the corn stuffed near my nethers on a regular basis. Here's where the dog and the injury come together, in comic fashion. After work today I applied the corn to the tender portion of my anatomy before taking the girls to karate. Apparently in our rush to get out the door I forgot to put the corn back into the freezer. Upon our return home I found an empty bag and a fat dog. She ate the entire thing, not one stray niblet was found. I think I'm going to have to switch to green beans.


The donut guy said...

Pete, I'd leave that dog outside for awhile.

I know what corn does to *me* when I eat it.....a whole bag of corn and a relatively small dog?

Stand back:-)

Apertome said...

I hope you continue to heal well. It's got to suck icing things all the time, but at least you got a funny story out of it.

the old bag said...


great term!

rigtenzin said...

You used yarbles and nibblets in the same post. Nice work.

You should give us a follow up post regarding the dog's digestion of the bag o' corn. I like to know that kind of stuff.

Snakebite said...

OK, first I thought it was a groin pull but it turns out you got bit on your pecker by a spider with rabies?

Pete said...

I'm getting confused myself.