Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Best Ever

Date: March 28
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
March mileage: 187
Year to date mileage: 636

I did some laundry over the weekend and took my neckwarmer, headband and wool socks out of my pannier for good. They're washed up and put away in the winter clothing bin. Next is the green Canari jacket. I switched to my vest instead of the jacket, but I'm not ready to move greenie to the basement closet just yet. Just like I'm not ready to take the studded tires off of the Raleigh just yet. I'm still waiting for that last gasp of old man winter, I guess.

This is pretty much the best bike riding time of year for me. I love riding in the spring. When it's just cool enough that you need some kind of shell and a long sleeved something underneath it on top, and tights on the bottom, but you can still wear just your short-fingered cycling gloves and regular shoes. It's such a great contrast to winter. And it's not so blasted hot that I break a sweat just pedaling out of the driveway like it is in July. I could deal with these temps year round.

The bike cleaning on Sunday was totally worth it, by the way. Even though I pedaled through a few puddles on the way home today and splashed some fresh gunk back on it was still nice to look down and see that shiny front hub spinning all the way home.


KM said...

The ride in this morning was perfect. Ride home should be even better.


the old bag said...

I'm still wearing booties and long-fingered gloves!

Weather has been great, though. Can't wait to be healthy enough to take more advantage of it....