Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ides of March

Date: March 15
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
March mileage: 126
Year to date mileage: 575

Today was my first ride of the week. Not because I'm a big scaredy-cat when it comes to snow, but because of the daughter who is sick but then isn't but then decides she is again saga. Not that I'm blaming her. She really has been ill. Monday morning when she woke up she was near 102 degrees, and she was warm yesterday too. But this morning when I woke her up she asked me "What day is it?" When I told her it was Wednesday she practically squealed with joy "Show and tell!" Any kid that happy about show and tell is well enough to go to school.

Unfortunately, I may have been hasty. The school nurse called my wife around 11:30 and said the fever was back up. Nancy went and picked up the feverish one (who wanted McDonald's for lunch). The feverish one remained sick for all of 1 1/2 hours, and then became well again. But I'll be home with her tomorrow morning, because the Nazi school nurse told us that a kid with a fever can't come back until she's fever free for 24 hours. And She's Putting Us On The List. Maybe the kid and I will find something fun to do tomorrow morning.

The ride today was pretty uneventful. It was a huge change from Friday's ride with no jacket, but still nice. The city of Minneapolis does a kick ass job of clearing the bike path, but they've got a way to go on the bike lanes. The bike lanes in downtown were still completely full of snow tonight. With an additional dump coming tonight if the weather gets a few degrees colder they will be unrideable. The cynic in me says that the city is subtly trying to herd the cyclists off the city streets and onto the bike paths. But the realist in me says that the guys who plow downtown don't care, whereas the guys who plow the parks and trails are more outdoorsy types and make more of an effort. Oh, and somebody better have a talk with the guy who was plowing down in the northern part of Minnehaha Park. They plowed a whole section of trail that really isn't trail, but just grass. Rookie.


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Nathan said...

Wow, The List? Hardcore. You naughty parents!