Thursday, March 30, 2006

True Grit

Date: March 29
Mileage: 23
Ride type: Commute
March mileage: 210
Year to date mileage: 659

Date: March 30
Mileage: 25
Ride type: Commute
March mileage: 235
Year to date mileage: 684

Yesterday morning I got all amped up for some reason and rode the entire way in to work instead of taking the train. Call it spring fever, call it temporary insanity, I don't know. I rode in on Minnehaha Ave and clocked about 12 miles. I ended up staying later at work than I wanted to and so I was in a hurry to get home and took Minnehaha again that night. I got home and checked the odometer. 23 point something. Huh. That's only 3 miles more than my usual day where I take the train.

So today, by way of an experiment, I rode in again. I took Minnehaha and clocked the same 12 or so miles. I didn't get rained on, much, but I was covered from the knees down with a fine layer of grit. When I got to work I doused the entire drivetrain with the contents of my water bottle to get the gunk out before the ride home. I think I need to get some fenders on this bike or get the studs off the Raleigh so I can ride it in the rain. On the way home I took my normal river road route. Got home, 25 miles. Huh. That's only 5 miles more than my usual. For some reason I'm amazed that taking the train from Ft Snelling to Franklin only saves me 5 miles of riding. And the weirdest part is that both mornings I got in about 5 minutes earlier than I usually do when I take the train. Go figure.


Karl said...

I was out for a pleasure ride a few weeks back and it was pretty cold. I decided I would catch the light rail and take it for a few stops to warm up my geet and face. When I rolled into th Cedar/Riverside station, the train wasn't due for 10 minutes yet. Rather than stand and wait, I decided to keep riding, thinking the time would narrow by the time I got to the next station. Not so! The next station's timetable still indicated that I had about 10 minutes to wait.

In short, I ended up riding the whole way back and the train never did pass me. I guess the stops at the stations makes up for the 35-40mhp top speed of the train and gives me the advantage.

Tuffy said...

Looks like you've answered that question, hunh?