Thursday, March 02, 2006

Party Animal

Date: March 2
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
March mileage: 40
Year to date mileage: 469

I swear to god, there was no posing. I found him, and the can, exactly like this.
Rocky Raccoon

Perhaps he was depressed and like his smelly brethren the skunks, he committed suicide. Perhaps after a few too many Lites he staggered in front of the wrong moving vehicle. Either way, as the weather gets warmer it's gonna get smelly riding past this party animal.



Tex69 said...

most excellent, in a macabre sort of way...and you're pulling way ahead of of me in the mileage thing now, since my commutes have become very minimal. gonna have to do double centuries every weekend to keep up...uh, no.

stupid said...

And very much keeping with the meat theme.

dave said...

Is he near sibley and mendota bridge? I actually had the thrill of a skunk on the high bridge the other morning. good times

Tim said...

I used to pedal through open-range land in the Southwest, and one summer a large calf died on the shoulder of a rural highway I often rode for hill workouts. Nobody bothered to pick up the carcass, so it just bloated up in the sun and decayed over a few weeks.

The damned thing was right at the top of a hill, too. So I passed it while I was breathing hard. Not a good thing.

Pete said...

Dave, I think you and I have seen the same 'coon. He's right under the 55 bridge on Sibley Memorial.

See internets, I have witnesses!

Nancy said...

OMG, how horribly funny.